Graduation Season Inspiration

Let’s face it, graduation season is here! Seniors, yes, that means reality is creeping up on us. Thank you for those who noticed that I was freaking out about graduation season and commented on my Instagram (@lavidalisa_) posts asking for some must-haves/inspiration! 

Here is my list of must-haves during this graduation season along with a few gift ideas!

Graduation dresses – whether you are graduating or attending a graduation you probably want to look good! You will likely need at LEAST one dress for a graduation and one for a graduation party. (click the photo to direct you to the site!)

If I was a graduate I would wear something like this… 

Nordstrom Graduation Dress 1  Nordstrom Graduation Dress 2  Nordstrom Graduation Dress 3

These are all bright so if you take a few pictures with your gown on it will stand out! I also worry a lot about length and sleeves. I hate feeling like a dress is borderline too short for me or feeling like I have to adjust my sleeves or pull up the bust of my dress.

If I was the graduate at my own party I would wear something like this…                                Nordstrom Graduate Party 1  Nordstrom Graduation Party 2     Nordstrom Party 3.2

These are a little bit more statement pieces. You will want to stand out at your party while being comfortable!

If I was attending a graduation party I would wear something like this…

Nordstrom Party Guest 1  Nordstrom Party Guest 2 Nordstrom Party Guest 3

These looks are casual but still super cute. You don’t want to show up to a party too over dressed but definitely not underdressed!

And here are a few gift ideas…

For her:

  1. Water bottle for her new big girl job
  2. Inspiring bracelet to let them know you’re proud
  3. A tote for work  so she never has to use the one she took to class everyday again

For him: 

  1. Messenger bag for work  because they will look sleek af
  2. Tie and coordinating socks  let’s be real, they might not know how to match
  3. A travel kit  in case they are going to go on their first business trip and have no idea how to pack

For either:

  1. Bed Bath & Beyond gift card because they will have to drop a lot of cash on their new apartment
  2. A bar tool kit so they feel classy in their new place
  3. Tech cables kit  so they can finally have their life together on those long flights


I hope you are inspired for this graduation season!

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Lisa Marie

Spring Must-Have Sneakers

By now I am sure you have noticed that I love wearing sneakers. They are my go-to on a daily basis, my go-to when I travel and my go-to when I can’t decide which shoes to wear. I am constantly planning my outfits around sneakers because let’s be real, everyday isn’t a booties or wedge day!

Today I am sharing some of my favorite sneakers that are available this season and what I might pair each category with!

“Traditional” Sneakers

These are the type of sneakers that I would style much like my Adidas Superstars; a shoe that I throw on at least 3 times a week with a simple graphic tee and jeans. These are such good shoes to have in your closet because they are fashionable with minimal effort.

Adidas Superstars

My favs that are in store now…

  1. Adidas Cloudfoam Advantage Sneaker (literally JUST bought these!)

    Adidas Cloudfoam Advantage Sneaker

  2. Reebok ‘Classic’ Sneaker (I had a pair of these as a kid and tbh, I want to invest in them again!)

Reebok Classic Sneaker

3. PUMA Basket Strap ExoticSkin Sneaker (the “exoticskin” adds texture and makes a simple sneaker unique!)

PUMA Basket ExoticSkin Sneaker

“Simple as can be” sneakers

These would be like my Nordstrom Halogen sneakers; I wear them with dresses and jeans so that the focus is on the top/dress. Here are two ways that I love styling a simple as can be sneaker:

My favs that are in store now…

  1. Steve Madden Genette Slip-On Sneaker (a little platform never hurt nobody)Steve Madden Genette Slip-On Sneaker
  2. Vans Perf Leather Slip-On (the name says it all…)

Vans Perf Leather Slip-On

3. PUMA Basket Heart Sneaker (simple, but still a little girly)

PUMA Basket Heart Sneaker

“Statement” Sneakers

I consider statement sneakers to be the accessory that makes the outfit. I typically don’t wear my statement sneakers with anything that is too loud on the top since I want the shoes to me the focus of the outfit. So like in the picture below, a simple bomber jacket and white tee is spiced up with my statement Nikes.

Nike B&W Rose Print Sneakers

My favs that are in store now…

  1. Topshop Cupid Embroidered Sneaker (pop of blush with some detail can make a simple look super chic!)

Topshop Cupid Embroidered Sneaker

2. FENTY PUMA by Rihanna Bow Sneaker (idk what it is about these, but I am feelin them…)

FENTY PUMA by Rihanna Bow Sneaker

3. Gucci New Age Snake Embellished Sneaker (okay okay, I know these are far fetched for my current budget, but I love them! You get the general idea though, simple sneaker with a statement patch/design)

Gucci New Age Snake Embellished Sneaker

There you have it! Some sneakers that are out this season that would go with just about anything in your closet! These can make your casual outfit look casual chic with little to no effort.

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Lisa Marie

Three Simple Ways to Style a Trench

The last few weeks have been so rainy in St. Louis and I have been using my trench more than ever. I have had it for over two years and used to only wear it for work. But recently, I have started to use it on a regular basis. Today I am sharing three looks with my trench to show you how versatile it can be!

1. Simple everyday going to class look 

As I am sure you have all noticed that anytime I can get away with wearing jeans and my sneakers I go for it! Here I paired it with a simple tee, threw on a a light scarf and my go-to sneakers. This is something I would definitely wear to class or on the weekend for running errands.

Street style Trench 1

2. Rainy day, but I still want to look chic look 

For this look I paired a patterned crop top that adds a pop of color and sleek rain boots. These boots and trench go well together because it looks like you’re trying to be super trendy but really, you’re being practical since its pouring outside. Since this is a slight crop top, I would wear it out on the weekend for a coffee or to go shopping.

Want to look chic 3

3. I have a cute dress, but I might get chilly look

Who else hates it when they know they should probably wear a jacket but don’t want it to ruin their whole outfit? I know I do! A neutral color trench is the perfect jacket to throw over just about any dress! Here I paired it with one of my new favorite dresses and cannot wait to re-wear this look. Date night look or just a nice dinner with some girl friends for sure!

Might get chilly 1

I’m so glad that I have been able to get out of my comfort zone with my trench. I used to think I could only wear it when I’m dressed up, but now that I am using it more often I have found that I love wearing it on my casual days too!

There you have it! Three simple and versatile ways to style your trench this spring! Let me know which look you like the most!


Lisa Marie

Photo credit: Jonathan Hwang

Pura Vida

Hello everyone!

I know I posted photos on my Instagram (@lavidalisa_) during my spring break trip to Costa Rica, but I thought I would share what I did each day and some photos that didn’t make the grid!

Day One: On the first full day in Costa Rica, we went on an excursion. We went zip-lining through a rainforest in San Luis. This was my first time zip-lining or doing anything like this, so at first I was pretty anxious! However, I soon realized that I really enjoyed the adrenaline rush.  After returning from the excursion, we went back to the hostel I was staying in, ran some errands because we forgot a towel (rookie mistake, I know) and then enjoyed dinner in San Jose.

Jasmine and I in our zip lining outfits!

Day Two: Day two was much longer than we expected it to be! Our day started off around 7am when we got picked up for a full-day excursion. The first stop was in La Fortuna where we stopped for a short amount of time to see the largest Ox cart and see a beautiful church. We then drove about two hours or so to see one of the six active volcanoes in Costa Rica, volcano Arenal. This was an amazing view! It was so crazy to see smoke coming out of the top of the volcano and knowing that it is still active! The last time Arenal erupted was in 2010, so I tried not to think about that too much.

Largest Ox cart

Pastel Church in La Fortuna

Volcano Arenal

The next stop was Tabacon hot springs. These hot springs were so relaxing, and honestly, quite romantic! There were over 20 different hot springs you could go into and they were all fairly secluded so you could enjoy the spring with your small group (perfect for a few IG pictures). After the hot springs we had dinner at the hotel and headed back to San Jose.

Some close ups

Day Three: This day we made an impulse decision to go to the coast one day early. The friend I as traveling with was leaving sooner than I was so we decided it was best to move on from San Jose. We took a two hour bus ride to Puntarenas and enjoyed the resort life! This was a nice change from the hostel to say the least. The first day we just walked along the beach and laid by the pool before going to dinner.


Day Four: I will be honest, we did nothing more than lay by the pool, take IG pictures and enjoy a few cocktails this day. 🙂

Sunset Pics

Day Five: We spent the first part of the day at the resort in Puntarenas and then headed back to San Jose. Once we got back to San Jose, we went for a coffee and a late lunch before my friend had to head back to the states!

Day Six: This was one of my favorite days on the trip. Whenever I travel, I really try to do at least a day on my own. I decided to go to the National Museum of Costa Rica which was about a 25 minute walk from the hostel (I only had a printed map and found my way!). After spending some time there, I moved over to the market where I bought way too much but loved helping the local economy! Then I had my last traditional Costa Rican meal, went to the park and had some mango with hot sauce (so good, omg!) and went back to the hostel to finish up packing and to lay in a hammock before it was time to leave.

Spotted at the National Museum of Costa Rica

Overall, I had an amazing trip. There were some aspects that I wish I would have planned better, but I am the type of person that likes to go with whatever I am feeling that day. The other thing that I thoroughly enjoyed (and always do) was practicing my Spanish. I love going to a Spanish speaking country as a tourist and being able to communicate in their native language, sometimes there is some confusion but the locals always love it when people at least TRY to speak to them in their native tongue.

The Power of Sisterhood

This past week I spent four days with some of the most amazing women I have ever met. I got to hear their personal stories and their passions. Recently, I have been finding myself inspired more by people in real life who are relatable to me which it took me a long time to realize. I have been trying to make the people around me understand me, my interests and accept me. But being around all these women made me realize that other people don’t need to understand me and accept me; all that matters is that I accept myself.

I had been searching for a community and people who were like-minded and it took me traveling 1,840 miles to find it. I am truly blessed to be a part of the We All Grow Latina Network and I had no idea how much it would influence me. I thought I was joining this network to gain followers and to connect with brands, but attending the WAG Summit made me realize that it is so much more than that. It’s about empowering other Latinas and encouraging the growth of our community because we do matter, we can make a difference and we will change lives.

Being Latina is of course something that has always been part of me. For the first five years of my life, I only knew Spanish and only had been exposed to my Mexican culture. Once I moved to the suburbs, it changed my life forever. I can recall several times driving into our suburban neighborhood telling my parents to turn down the Spanish music. And I always remember them asking me why, and I would reply with “we’re in Plainfield now.” Even as a five year old, I was suppressing my background because I thought we had to be like all the other families in my neighborhood. 

I never realized until this weekend that I wasn’t embracing my background that I left behind in Cicero. Once I moved, I didn’t realize that I left the Latina part of me there. I now notice that the only time I feel like I embrace my background is either in Cicero, around my family or with other Latinos. I no longer want this to be the case; I want to be who I am all the time.

Joining the WAG Network has done that for me. In today’s society you can feel so connected to people all over the world. So even though I am apart from all those powerful, beautiful women; I still feel their passion everyday by seeing them post and write about their dreams. Going to the summit has inspired me to embrace my Latina side more than ever. I want to set an example for other Latinas and show them that we do matter, we are equal, and we will make a difference.

When one grows, we all grow.


Lisa Marie

Top Three Items To Invest In


Thank you for visiting my site today! Things have been crazy these past couple of weeks with school, work and blogging. But I managed to squeeze in a post before my trip to Long Beach! 

Today’s post is about the top three wardrobe items that I like to invest the most in.

1. Jeans : Jeans are my daily go-to. I love dressing them up with a pair of heels for a night out or throwing on my sneakers for class. I have tried so many different brands of jeans and have never been more satisfied with my purchase of two different brands: Rag & Bone and Free People.

My R&B are definitely a bigger investment (~$130), but well worth it. I have had two pairs of jeans for two years (I wear them at least twice a week!) and I can honestly say they still feel as great as they did the first day I wore them. I got these at Nordstrom when they were price matching (all about them sales!)

R&B Jeans

R&B Jeans 2

The Free People jeans I have are a lot more trendy. The torn hem and rips in the knees give them an edgy look, but I am able to wear these in various ways. The reason why I like these is because they are good quality, unique, but definitely did not break the bank. They are a great midlevel investment (~$80). I bought these at a Free People store.

Free People Jeans dressed up

2. Purses : I think everyone needs a great bag for everyday use. Personally I found that a Neverfull fits my needs. I wanted a bag that is going to be functional for work and travel. Whenever I travel I without a doubt take my tote, it fits right under the seat of an airplane and holds everything I need for a road trip! 

I think purses should be a long term item. So if I’m going to buy one, I want to buy one that I can use years from know that will still suit my taste. My favorite going out purse is a Rebecca Minkoff spiked bag. Her style is the perfect level of spunk to make your outfit unique. Here is a similar bag. 

For sale purses I mainly go to Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack. For luxury purses I either go to large department stores or the stand alone store.

Everyday use of my tote

3. Shoes : Trust me when I say that I have bought shoes that I have literally worn once, so now I don’t make that same mistake! Shoes are so important to your wardrobe. They can make or break your outfit (or your feet!) I worked retail for just few months and those few months made me realize that I need to wear comfortable shoes everyday. I typically buy my shoes on sale (unless I REALLY want/need them). I am at the point where I want to buy shoes that I will be able to wear various ways and have for awhile. I don’t like to buy seasonal shoes that I know will break before the summer is over—not worth it. My go-to stores to buy shoes are Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack and Von Maur

In this picture I am wearing Stuart Weitzman heels that I found at Rack for less than half the retail price! 

Stuart Sweitzman's for under $150 at Rack!

Via Spiga's for under $50 from RackIn this picture I’m wearing some Via Spiga booties that I got for less than $50 at Rack! 
I hope some of my tips help you figure out what your closet is missing!


Lisa Marie

Positive Vibes Only


Recently I have been going through an internal argument with myself on who I should be surrounding myself with. I find that I am associating myself with people who I feel like no longer support me and judge me for the things I am passionate about.

When it comes to situations like this, I always turn to one of my close friends to talk it out. After reaching out to him about this topic he said to me that I need to surround myself with people who inspire me to be better, people who push me towards my dreams and that support me rather than judge me. Once we finished talking, I paused. I couldn’t believe that my friend who hasn’t even lived in the same state as me in over seven months supports me that much over the phone. He seems to be much more supportive than some friends that I’ve known throughout college, who I see me on a regular basis and see me put so much effort into my dreams.

After receiving this advice I have decided that I am going to do it. It is hard to face people constantly that will judge you no matter what you say to them. I am not going to try to please those friends anymore but solidify other friends who support my ambitions and radiate positive vibes.

My advice to those who are struggling with being accepted or are too afraid of what people will think of them is to let it go. Let go of worrying about what your “friends” might think of you or what image you might portray. I know its never as easy as it sounds but as long as you are happy, being true to yourself and your dreams that’s all that should matter.

I have started to try to let go of the negativity like trying to spend time exploring St. Louis and honestly narrowing down my dreams and focusing on myself. For awhile I was afraid that my dreams were too far fetched or was afraid to tell my friends what I aspire to be. But once I did, I realized who my true friends were. They were the ones that continued to push me towards my passion and asked me how I would achieve my dreams, and how my blog is going.

After coming to this realization of who does and does not believe in me, I have decided that it doesn’t matter anymore. All that matters is that I believe in myself.

For those of you who are out there still waiting to be accepted or understood by your friends, stop waiting. Believe in yourself and don’t be afraid to chase your dreams.


Lisa Marie