Summer Makeup Favorites

At the beginning of this summer I had to start over with my whole makeup situation. Mid-May I realized my skin wasn’t what it used to be and I think it was because I was wearing makeup almost everyday and was ignoring my blemishes. So, I decided I wanted to do without foundation and all the baking and try to go a bit more natural this summer. Along the way I found some new products that I thought I would share with you today.

Tarte Marcauja Creaseless Concealer (Cruelty-free)

Tarte concealer

Since I haven’t found a foundation or BB cream that has worked for my skin I use this concealer under my eyes and wherever else I need to even out my skin tone. I like this one because its easy to blend and a little bit goes a long way. The shade I use is medium neutral.

Bite Beauty Multistick (Cruelty-free)

Bite multistick

 I love these multisticks! I like that they have multiple uses. I use gelato as my blush and cashew as my bronzer, eyeshadow, and I sometimes even mix it with a little bit of cream highlight if I want to add some shine to my eyelids.


Clinque Chubby Stick Illuminator

Clinique Chubby Stick

 I use this stick on my cheeks, under my brow bone and sometimes mix it on my lids with the cashew Bite multistick. I like that its a subtle highlight that is great for an everyday natural makeup look. Its easy to work with since its creamy and thankfully it doesn’t clumpy when I blend it! This only comes in one shade.


Becca Highlight (Cruelty-free)

Becca highlights

Becca highlights are some of my favorites, unfortunately I can’t put them on my cheeks because they cause me to breakout. I know…I’m really sad about it too. TRUST ME. But that doesn’t mean I can let mine go to waste! I use these highlights in the corners of my eyes to brighten them up. The shades I use are moonstone (left) and champagne pop (top right).

Laura Mercier Brow Definer 

Laura Mercier Brow Definer

 I used this product when I was in high school and for some reason I stopped using it. I came back to the brow definer because I felt like I had more control with how much color I put on my brows. I’m going to be real, I definitely went too dark with my brows at times (sometimes still do), but the brow definer is really subtle, but easy to build. I use this in the shade warm.


Benefit Roller Lash

Roller LashMascara is something that I love and will always be picky about. I first bought this about two years ago and LOVED it, the only problem was the price tag. Thankfully, my mom bought these in an HSN set. That’s what I suggest you do if you want to buy this mascara. First try out a sample size and make sure it works for you and that you love it and then look for it with other Benefit product sets.


A few months later and I feel like I know what causes my blemishes. It was really frustrating looking up the ingredients to everything I use to find out I could continue use only one or two products. But we need remember that our skin is always changing. What worked for us 5 months ago, might not work for us anymore. You should always take note when you have a reaction to something and try to find out what is causing it. We only have one face…we have to treat it well!

I hope you found something that might work for you!



Lisa Marie


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