Don’t Wish Your Life Away in College

My mom has always told me to never wish my life away. As I got older, I started to say this too. I feel like as a society the majority of us look forward to the weekend or can’t wait until the next vacation we go on. We end up wishing for anything but the present.

Senior year for most people is the combination of wanting the year to end but also not wanting to give up all the freedom that you have. The first semester of my senior year I found myself wishing my life away, something I know my mom told me not to do. I couldn’t wait to be done with those courses, to go on the trips I had planned or even just to have a break from everything. I was so ready for a new experience that I wasn’t enjoying the present.

As second semester rolled around, I was on the verge of tears just hearing the word graduation. One day it hit me that my time was limited. I had already accepted a job offer in another state and knew I wouldn’t be close to friends or family. This is when I started to panic. I had spent a whole first semester not enjoying Saint Louis or the people I was surrounded by. I soon changed my perspective. Of course there were days when I was “over it” and wanted to be done with college. But more often than not I just wanted to hang out with my friends as much as possible.

One of my roommates graduated in December and the differences of a college student and a post-graduate was becoming more and more obvious. Seeing her live her post-grad life was shocking. You think that when you graduate you suddenly have all this free time, think again. You quickly get back into a routine and have your own things to accomplish on a weekly basis.

The days and weeks started flying by and all my friends and I could think about was making the most out of the last few moments we had together as college students, as roommates, as 5M (our freshmen year floor).

When it came to the end of the year, I noticed that the people that I was still surrounded by would definitely be there to stay. I have lived with them, shared so many experiences with them and have been there for them just like they were there for me.

My advice to those who are in college and can’t wait to get that degree and be done is just to enjoy the moment. You don’t realize it at first, but that is the last time you will be in the same place at the same time as some of your closest friends. Never take your time with the people who meant so much to you for so long for granted.



Lisa Marie

One thought on “Don’t Wish Your Life Away in College

  1. Very true!

    We rush to get to the destination rather than enjoy and be gratefulngor the process!

    Thanks for the post! 😊


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