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After sitting around for months thinking about starting my own blog, I finally did it. I did it because I was so inspired by all the bloggers I was seeing express their love of fashion. A few months after getting interested in blogging I realized that every creative thing you can think of is striving due to its online presence. Social media has empowered anyone and everyone with internet access to pursue their dreams and express themselves.

Once I started my blog I couldn’t get over how many content creators I was surrounded by that I had never interacted with before. Some are bloggers, photographers, graphic designers, song writers, and so many other things. Interacting with them on a regular basis has given me so much inspiration and confidence to continue to pursue my passions.

Over the course of the last few months, I have found myself going back to this same group of people. At first I thought it was because I had just found a new group of friends, and then it hit me… I keep coming back to these people because they inspire me and keep me motivated.

After reflecting on all these conversations I have had with these people, I noticed a common thread. We are all more passionate about our side hustles than we are passionate about school and work. It is so hard to sit there and not be able to focus on something other than your passion. It is so hard to sit there and feel like there is this massive barrier between you and your dreams.

I started to think about why I feel so inspired by these people; the people who take my photos for my blog, the people who designed my logo, the people who I am constantly asking how their music is coming along. Then I realized what it was; I am inspired by their passions because they are real. They aren’t afraid to put themselves out there for others to see and hear. They aren’t afraid to invest in themselves and their future without seeing a return on investment immediately.

I think this is why this community is so close. We are always asking each other how our content is going, commenting and liking each other’s posts and its because we get it. We understand the daily struggle of producing content that virtually the whole world could see. We understand that sometimes its hard and can be so frustrating, but also one of the most rewarding things ever.

I never thought that the friends I made due to blogging would be some of the best friendships I have formed. Blogging has not only opened the door to new friendships but has made some of my existing friendships even stronger. I think it all comes down to sharing your passion with people, once you open up to them on what you really want in life the “real talk” slowly starts consuming your conversations.

What is your passion and what are you doing to express it?


Lisa Marie

Emily Brady Designs Illustration

This is an illustration that @emilybradydesigns made for me! Check her out on Instagram!


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