Graduation Season Inspiration

Let’s face it, graduation season is here! Seniors, yes, that means reality is creeping up on us. Thank you for those who noticed that I was freaking out about graduation season and commented on my Instagram (@lavidalisa_) posts asking for some must-haves/inspiration! 

Here is my list of must-haves during this graduation season along with a few gift ideas!

Graduation dresses – whether you are graduating or attending a graduation you probably want to look good! You will likely need at LEAST one dress for a graduation and one for a graduation party. (click the photo to direct you to the site!)

If I was a graduate I would wear something like this… 

Nordstrom Graduation Dress 1  Nordstrom Graduation Dress 2  Nordstrom Graduation Dress 3

These are all bright so if you take a few pictures with your gown on it will stand out! I also worry a lot about length and sleeves. I hate feeling like a dress is borderline too short for me or feeling like I have to adjust my sleeves or pull up the bust of my dress.

If I was the graduate at my own party I would wear something like this…                                Nordstrom Graduate Party 1  Nordstrom Graduation Party 2     Nordstrom Party 3.2

These are a little bit more statement pieces. You will want to stand out at your party while being comfortable!

If I was attending a graduation party I would wear something like this…

Nordstrom Party Guest 1  Nordstrom Party Guest 2 Nordstrom Party Guest 3

These looks are casual but still super cute. You don’t want to show up to a party too over dressed but definitely not underdressed!

And here are a few gift ideas…

For her:

  1. Water bottle for her new big girl job
  2. Inspiring bracelet to let them know you’re proud
  3. A tote for work  so she never has to use the one she took to class everyday again

For him: 

  1. Messenger bag for work  because they will look sleek af
  2. Tie and coordinating socks  let’s be real, they might not know how to match
  3. A travel kit  in case they are going to go on their first business trip and have no idea how to pack

For either:

  1. Bed Bath & Beyond gift card because they will have to drop a lot of cash on their new apartment
  2. A bar tool kit so they feel classy in their new place
  3. Tech cables kit  so they can finally have their life together on those long flights


I hope you are inspired for this graduation season!

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Lisa Marie

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