Three Simple Ways to Style a Trench

The last few weeks have been so rainy in St. Louis and I have been using my trench more than ever. I have had it for over two years and used to only wear it for work. But recently, I have started to use it on a regular basis. Today I am sharing three looks with my trench to show you how versatile it can be!

1. Simple everyday going to class look 

As I am sure you have all noticed that anytime I can get away with wearing jeans and my sneakers I go for it! Here I paired it with a simple tee, threw on a a light scarf and my go-to sneakers. This is something I would definitely wear to class or on the weekend for running errands.

Street style Trench 1

2. Rainy day, but I still want to look chic look 

For this look I paired a patterned crop top that adds a pop of color and sleek rain boots. These boots and trench go well together because it looks like you’re trying to be super trendy but really, you’re being practical since its pouring outside. Since this is a slight crop top, I would wear it out on the weekend for a coffee or to go shopping.

Want to look chic 3

3. I have a cute dress, but I might get chilly look

Who else hates it when they know they should probably wear a jacket but don’t want it to ruin their whole outfit? I know I do! A neutral color trench is the perfect jacket to throw over just about any dress! Here I paired it with one of my new favorite dresses and cannot wait to re-wear this look. Date night look or just a nice dinner with some girl friends for sure!

Might get chilly 1

I’m so glad that I have been able to get out of my comfort zone with my trench. I used to think I could only wear it when I’m dressed up, but now that I am using it more often I have found that I love wearing it on my casual days too!

There you have it! Three simple and versatile ways to style your trench this spring! Let me know which look you like the most!


Lisa Marie

Photo credit: Jonathan Hwang

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