Top Three Items To Invest In


Thank you for visiting my site today! Things have been crazy these past couple of weeks with school, work and blogging. But I managed to squeeze in a post before my trip to Long Beach! 

Today’s post is about the top three wardrobe items that I like to invest the most in.

1. Jeans : Jeans are my daily go-to. I love dressing them up with a pair of heels for a night out or throwing on my sneakers for class. I have tried so many different brands of jeans and have never been more satisfied with my purchase of two different brands: Rag & Bone and Free People.

My R&B are definitely a bigger investment (~$130), but well worth it. I have had two pairs of jeans for two years (I wear them at least twice a week!) and I can honestly say they still feel as great as they did the first day I wore them. I got these at Nordstrom when they were price matching (all about them sales!)

R&B Jeans

R&B Jeans 2

The Free People jeans I have are a lot more trendy. The torn hem and rips in the knees give them an edgy look, but I am able to wear these in various ways. The reason why I like these is because they are good quality, unique, but definitely did not break the bank. They are a great midlevel investment (~$80). I bought these at a Free People store.

Free People Jeans dressed up

2. Purses : I think everyone needs a great bag for everyday use. Personally I found that a Neverfull fits my needs. I wanted a bag that is going to be functional for work and travel. Whenever I travel I without a doubt take my tote, it fits right under the seat of an airplane and holds everything I need for a road trip! 

I think purses should be a long term item. So if I’m going to buy one, I want to buy one that I can use years from know that will still suit my taste. My favorite going out purse is a Rebecca Minkoff spiked bag. Her style is the perfect level of spunk to make your outfit unique. Here is a similar bag. 

For sale purses I mainly go to Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack. For luxury purses I either go to large department stores or the stand alone store.

Everyday use of my tote

3. Shoes : Trust me when I say that I have bought shoes that I have literally worn once, so now I don’t make that same mistake! Shoes are so important to your wardrobe. They can make or break your outfit (or your feet!) I worked retail for just few months and those few months made me realize that I need to wear comfortable shoes everyday. I typically buy my shoes on sale (unless I REALLY want/need them). I am at the point where I want to buy shoes that I will be able to wear various ways and have for awhile. I don’t like to buy seasonal shoes that I know will break before the summer is over—not worth it. My go-to stores to buy shoes are Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack and Von Maur

In this picture I am wearing Stuart Weitzman heels that I found at Rack for less than half the retail price! 

Stuart Sweitzman's for under $150 at Rack!

Via Spiga's for under $50 from RackIn this picture I’m wearing some Via Spiga booties that I got for less than $50 at Rack! 
I hope some of my tips help you figure out what your closet is missing!


Lisa Marie

2 thoughts on “Top Three Items To Invest In

  1. Nice post! I can totally agree with investing in good denim and shoes, I am not a huge purse fan but I can see why you would invest in a good one rather than buy several that are bound to damage with ease! I strongly believe that investing money in good denim is a smart choice because you wear and wash them so frequently!

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