Positive Vibes Only


Recently I have been going through an internal argument with myself on who I should be surrounding myself with. I find that I am associating myself with people who I feel like no longer support me and judge me for the things I am passionate about.

When it comes to situations like this, I always turn to one of my close friends to talk it out. After reaching out to him about this topic he said to me that I need to surround myself with people who inspire me to be better, people who push me towards my dreams and that support me rather than judge me. Once we finished talking, I paused. I couldn’t believe that my friend who hasn’t even lived in the same state as me in over seven months supports me that much over the phone. He seems to be much more supportive than some friends that I’ve known throughout college, who I see me on a regular basis and see me put so much effort into my dreams.

After receiving this advice I have decided that I am going to do it. It is hard to face people constantly that will judge you no matter what you say to them. I am not going to try to please those friends anymore but solidify other friends who support my ambitions and radiate positive vibes.

My advice to those who are struggling with being accepted or are too afraid of what people will think of them is to let it go. Let go of worrying about what your “friends” might think of you or what image you might portray. I know its never as easy as it sounds but as long as you are happy, being true to yourself and your dreams that’s all that should matter.

I have started to try to let go of the negativity like trying to spend time exploring St. Louis and honestly narrowing down my dreams and focusing on myself. For awhile I was afraid that my dreams were too far fetched or was afraid to tell my friends what I aspire to be. But once I did, I realized who my true friends were. They were the ones that continued to push me towards my passion and asked me how I would achieve my dreams, and how my blog is going.

After coming to this realization of who does and does not believe in me, I have decided that it doesn’t matter anymore. All that matters is that I believe in myself.

For those of you who are out there still waiting to be accepted or understood by your friends, stop waiting. Believe in yourself and don’t be afraid to chase your dreams.


Lisa Marie


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