Changing it Up For 2017


Today I decided to write about what 2017 has in store for me. A few things to look forward to…

  • working part time
  • finishing college
  • a trip to Los Angeles in March (it will be my first time to Cali!)
  • a trip to Costa Rica in March (spring break ya’ll!)
  • moving to Seattle to start my career (I have never even been to Washington!)

In addition to looking forward to all these exciting things I am going to have to balance a lot at once. However, this year I think I am more grounded and know what I want for myself and will be able to focus on those things.

The past year or so has been pretty crazy for me. In 2016 I had just come back from studying abroad and starting living with someone new, was trying to decide how I was going to keep my life exciting since I was back in the states and was trying to “find myself” again. I talked about starting a blog with a few friends thinking that I wanted to focus on fashion; but once I got started I realized that yes, fashion is one of my passions, but its not what I want to write about all the time.

Starting this year I want to write more about my passions, the exciting things going on in my life, and the things my friends ask me about.

So, I hope you’re in for the ride of La Vida Lisa because it is about to get a bit more spicy!


Lisa Marie



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