2016 Travels


As some of you might know, traveling is one of my passions. Whether I’m going to a city I have already visited or going back for more, I am always inspired by the places I visit. So I thought I would wrap up this year with a blog post about the cities I explored this year!

The first trip I took this year was a road trip from St. Louis to Phoenix (nearly 1,460 miles!) with some girl friends for spring break. This was my second time to Phoenix, but this trip the focus was hiking and being outdoors. Here are a few pictures from my spring break trip!

The next trip I took was to New Jersey over Easter break. I spent the holiday with family and went into the city with my aunt for a day. I had a great time this trip because I got to spend a lot of time with family and got to go to the MoMA which has been on my list for years!

The next trip I took was during May. My best friend Kristina and I planned a two and a half week trip to Europe for our end of the school year celebration!

This was second time we traveled to Europe together and my third time total. I was able to visit four new cities: Warsaw, Munich, Coux-et-Bigaroque, and Amsterdam. Kristina has family in Warsaw so we started there, then we parted and I went to Munich and Paris, then we met in Coux-et-Bigaroque, then continued to Amsterdam!

The best parts about this trip were that I got to travel Europe alone which I really enjoyed, I got to see friends in Paris and in Amsterdam, and of course got to travel with my best friend! Check out some pictures!

In the fall I went to Las Vegas for my sister’s bachelorette. I had been to Vegas before for a wedding when I was much younger, so this was the first time I was able to really enjoy the true Vegas. The girls and I had a blast and I definitely want to go back already!

And for my final trip of the year I went to Playa Del Carmen for my sister’s wedding! The guests stayed at the same resort and we hung out everyday. One day we went snorkeling and another day we went to Quinta Avenida which is a well-known shopping street in Playa Del Carmen. Check out some pictures from the trip/wedding!

Words cannot describe the wedding day. I was crying the whole time (no shame!). It was beautiful and I was just so happy to see my sister and brother-in-law’s special day.

That sums up my 2016 travels! Thank you for checking out my post, traveling is truly one of my passions and I am always happy to share it with people. Can’t wait to see which cities 2017 brings!


Lisa Marie

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