Hi everyone, thank you for checking out my blog! I thought I would make my first post a little bit of a “get to know me”.

So the basics:

  • Senior in college
  • International business and Marketing major
  • Interested in fashion
  • Travel as much as [financially] possible

Other than crawling towards my degree, one of my other main interests is listening to music. I’m not trying to tell you all that I am into some super underground music scene or anything like that, but I do enjoy listening to various genres of music and am constantly going to concerts and festivals.

My newest adventure has been living with three other girls (in a two bedroom apartment). Needless to say, we have gotten very comfortable with each other. We are all still trying to figure out how to store all of our food in one fridge and how to use a stovetop rather than fending for ourselves in the dorms. The roommate situation is going very well – we all have an acquired palate of cheap wine, chicken and rice.

Now, I don’t want to give you all the impression that since I have this “lifestyle” blog that I am some high roller (quite the opposite). I am a regular college student ballin’ on a budget. I work part-time for a large company in St. Louis and fund my spending habits that way. My mom trained me my whole childhood to shop on the sale racks, and when I do buy a “big ticket” item it should be a staple and timeless.

I hope my sarcastically honest description of myself has convinced you to stick around for my [amateur] fashion advice, travel and inevitable roommate and stories!


Lisa Marie

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